Ms. Lexi Chase

Ms. Lexi Chase

I love the head rush I get from treating you pathetic things like the inconsequential worthless garbage you are....  it is such an amazing feeling to take every dollar out of your wallet, and give you nothing in return for it except humiliation, pain, and contempt...  LOL

You are all so sad and pathetic that I constantly spend time laughing with My girlfriends and the other Mean 

Girls about the stupid things we make you do...  how sad that you spend thousands on Me and nothing on your family or the people in your life because you know NO ONE DESERVES YOUR MONEY MORE THAN ME....!!!! 

So come to the Platinum Manor, hand over that stash of cash, and I'll kick your ass, spit in your face, and laugh as I send you home to wherever the fuck youre from penniless and with every shred of masculinity removed from your bitch ass self 

  • Hair Color: light brown
  • Shoe Size: 5.5