Princess Alexandria

Princess Alexandria

Princess Alexandria : Flawless PerfectionI became one of Goddess Platinum's Mean Girl's after Alpha Allie told Me about all the fun She had visiting the Manor and shooting with Goddess Platinum.  Or in other words, that being one of GPMG's meant We got to treat men like dirt and abuse them however We want! WOW a Woman after My own heart....  Hahahaha.... 

And honestly, after My first visit I was totally hooked.  The power trip of treating a loser like absolute shit, while the entire time it is thanking Me and praising Me for even the worst kind of attention.  How utterly fucking pathetic are these things? 

My favorite way to abuse loser's will always be Financial Domination, or FinDom, as who doesn't love to see a loser simply handing over every bit of its true "worth?"  But to actual kinks and twists, I'm a huge fan of foot worship as it really emphasizes the difference between Us as Superior Perfect Females, and the thing groveling on the ground below as a sub-human thing that exists for Our benefit and deserves no respect, benevolence, or kindness.  

  • Eye Color: brown
  • Hair Color: blonde
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Height: average
  • Body Type: athletic
  • Birthday: 30 November