Chargebacks, Fraud, and Your Membership

Posted on Tue, 1 January 2008

If you are thinking about signing up to Goddess Platinum's Mean Girls and then initiating a charge back through your credit card or other payment method because "it wasn't what you expected".... THINK AGAIN.

OUR WEBSITE tells you what you get BEFORE you sign-up. We don't have any false advertising. If you have any questions about ANYTHING in regards to WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE in the members area of OUR WEBSITE, the best thing to do is to contact Us beforehand, or to use the site to open a support ticket with your question(s). We will happily answer them.


A "charge back" takes place when you pay for something with your credit card (for example, signing up for this web site) and then you dispute the charge later with your credit card company. If We receive a charge back from your account, We will BLOCK your credit card and include you in a database of NEGATIVE cardholders, thus PREVENTING YOU FROM SIGNING UP TO ANY OTHER SITE processed by our credit card processor. Other internet credit card companies handle charge backs the same way. This measure is taken to protect both you and online merchants from fraudulent credit card purchases.


Users who intentionally gain access to this site with no intention of paying, and later dispute the charge with their credit card company and/or refuse to pay the charge, are committing fraud and are subject to criminal and civil litigation under interstate commerce laws. If you don't have any intention of paying for your membership, don't sign up!


Secure passwords, billing payments & cancellations are managed by our authorized sales partners and merchant account. Credit card information is not stored on our servers. Goddess Platinum's Mean Girls reserves the right to limit bandwidth usage and password sharing by members if necessary at it's sole discretion.