Auto Downloaders Prohibited

Posted on Tue, 1 January 2008


The use of automated downloaders, plug-ins, browser extensions, or other similar software on Goddess Patinum's Mean Girls is strictly prohibited.  These tools use significant resources and invariably harm members who are abiding the rules set out in the Membership Terms you agreed to upon sign up. 

This statement is also included in the Membership & Subscription Agreement and any member found to be using any form of auto-download tool or software device risks being permanently banned from the site and having his/her membership immediately terminated along with forfeiting any membership fees paid for violating the Agreement enterd into upon joining the site.  

GPMGs uses state of the art software and technological counter measures to scan for and detect the use of automated downloaders on Our website and any user found to be using such devices will immediately have his/her account access blocked for no less than fifteen (15) minutes while the software forwards the violation to our technical team for further review. If it is determined the user has utilized any form of automated or automatic downloader or any analagous device or program the user account will be permanently removed from our site and banned from future registration.